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practice furniture - reception desk „aura“

this is how future patients are received

the aura determines the well being, friendliness and competence in a dental practice. there is nothing more important than the first impression that your practice makes.

design &functionality of the practice furniture "aura"
the reception desk "aura" embodies an aesthetic concept, that implements a contrasting use of materials and innovative possibilities. furthermore there is the lightness and timelessness that this reception desk embodies. aura is the visual and creative implementation of "receiving" patients and transferring all other additional work into the „backoffice“. here clear proportions and consequent detail solutions are complemented by high quality, flexible front materials such as acrylic glass, laminated and solid wood elements. 

reception desk "aura" - flexible organisation
this reception is as flexible as you yourself. the dentist can decide what shape the reception desk should have. there is complete planning freedom. any radius is possible. the front of the "aura" simply follows the work top contour. a perfectly timeless design remains.

overview of the characteristic properties of "aura":
  • _front: profile and acrylic glass
  • _solid core or laminated work top
  • _desk front cover panel in acrylic glass, varicor, marble...

when you receive your patients with the "aura" you needn't be concerned about what first impression your practice makes.

we believe in innovation at the work place. call us, we will be happy to advise you!