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practice furniture – treatment unit "duetto"

the duetto practice furniture is a class in the treatment room. characterized by a mediteranean lightness. it has an distinctive desktop form.
glass, stainless steel and wood are used in this treatment unit – a visible expression of durability, combined with a timeless product esthetic.

in the treatment unit "duetto" with technical refinement, functionality becomes an esthetic element.

we believe in innovation at the work place. call us, we will be happy to advise you!

practice furniture - treatment unit „duetto“ style variant 1

the "duetto" style variant 1 is our smallest treatment unit in the "duetto" product line. it consists of only a single wash basin made of glass or stainless steel.

practice furniture – treatment unit "duetto" V´variant 2

variant 2 of the treatment unit „duetto“ has a glass or porcelain wash basin, that is integrated into the work top, on the left and right hand side.

practice furniture – treatment unit "duetto" variant 3

variant 3 of the treatment unit „duetto“ is constructed in such a way that it fits as a corner unit in your dental practice room.

practice furniture – treatment unit "duetto" bianco

variant 4 of the treatment unit „duetto“ is the aesthetically beautiful ceramic version version.